We Don’t Want Welfare,

We Want 



  • Reigniting Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) programs
  • Establishing & Re-establishing New Resident Councils
  • Advocating for Policy Change

It's Time to Incentivize — Not Penalize

The unfortunate reality is, low-income moms who receive government assistance are penalized for working. As soon as a mom enters or returns to the workforce, the benefits she depends on to support her family (i.e., food, healthcare, childcare, formula for babies, and housing) are drastically cut, or lost altogether, leaving her no room to live.

This situation leaves these moms stuck at the bottom, incentivized to at stay home and do nothing while receiving more money than if they were employed.

  • The US spends over one trillion dollars per year fighting poverty and still fails!
  • Moms make more money sitting home than they do if they work!
  • #Incentivize – Don’t Penalize!

Help Us Find the $19 Billion!

Join us on the WEALTHFAIR Tour powered by RADAR.

This tour is our "National Scavenger Hunt" to locate the $18.9 billion in federal opportunities for low-income people through HUD's Section 3 program.  Over the course of this three year WEALTHFAIR Tour, we will visit the poorest public housing communities in 300 of America's most prosperous cities in order to:

  • Reignite Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) programs
  • Establish & Re-establish New Resident Councils
  • Advocate for Real and Lasting Policy Change

Goals of the WealthFair Tour

  • Re-Birth and or establish 3,000 new resident councils
  • Establish 300 youth councils
  • Engage 30,000 people in civic education
  • Help 300 fathers get our of the child support system
  • Launch 3,000 new businesses
  • Facilitate $3 million in Section 3 contracts
  • Purchase 300 homes w/ Section 8 vouchers
  • Enroll 3,000 new families in the FSS program
  • Enroll 3,000 moms into post-secondary schools
  • Assist 300 resident councils in acquiring an equity partnership stake in their redevelopment deals

Upcoming Events

The Ultimate Come-Up FSS Conference (Abilene, Texas)

The Ultimate Come-Up FSS Conference (Abilene, Texas)

Because… We Don’t Want Welfare–We Want Wealthfair!

Coming Soon to Washington DC

  • Tour Schedule


06jun(jun 6)9:59 am10(jun 10)9:59 amFort Worth, Texas

13jun(jun 13)10:02 am17(jun 17)10:02 amAustin, Texas


01jul1:04 am31(jul 31)1:04 amOhioLocation TBD


11aug(aug 11)10:02 am14(aug 14)10:02 amVirginia Beach, VA

Share Your Story

Share with us your personal struggles with the welfare system. Did you miss out on opportunities, are you frustrated with the system, and if so, why. How has this impacted you and your children's lives? Also, share how you have overcome. We are looking for the Good, Bad and Shameful stories that happen when you are stuck in this merciless and penalizing system called welfare

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The Wealthfair Tour

The Wealthfair Tour

The WEALTHFAIR Tour is a National Scavenger Hunt in search of obscure federal opportunities triggered by HUD's Section 3 program. The 300 city WEALTHFAIR tour will visit the poorest public housing communities in America's most prosperous cities.

3 days ago

The Wealthfair Tour
Recap of the PHADA conference all the way in San Antonio, PHADA’s 1,900 member housing agencies represent over 1.9 million low-income housing units throughout the United States. ... See MoreSee Less
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3 days ago

The Wealthfair Tour
We are at the first stop of the WealthFair tour all the way in San Antonio at the PHADA Conference ‼️🚍 ... See MoreSee Less
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7 days ago

The Wealthfair Tour
Looking forward to hearing your updates next week!😀. Join the ladies on Clubhouse starting at 4:00PM EST!🗣🎙Hey Guys!😀 There won’t be a show today, but tune in to the podcast next week where we will be updating you on the WEALTHFAIR TOUR and dropping gems on all things related to HUD and social service programs!😉Love the HUD HOUSEWIVES: Confessions of a Welfare Mom podcast?!Tell a friend! Join our Clubhouse TODAY!www.clubhouse.com/club/hud-housewives?utm_medium=ch_club&utm_campaign=DMQ2AYuAJF9OHjqI0zZ_3Q-180654 ... See MoreSee Less
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3 weeks ago

The Wealthfair Tour
Join the conversation on SECTION 8! We’re LIVE with Racquel Williams Jones!www.facebook.com/racquelwilliamsjones/videos/716773102999420/?d=n ... See MoreSee Less
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